Welcome to Bed-Stuy Bounty!

Bed-Stuy Bounty launched in 2012 as a membership-based wholesale grocery buying club purchasing exclusively from regional farmers and food makers via Wholeshare.com. A few years later, Bed-Stuy Bounty transitioned ownership of the Wholeshare club to Bed-Stuy Fresh & Local, a resident-owned grocery store.

Bed-Stuy Bounty was founded by third generation resident Melissa Danielle, as an extension of the community food work she’d been actively engaged in.

While Bed-Stuy Bounty is not currently running a buying club or leading any other types of community-led food buying models, we invite you to learn about and participate in the community-led food projects that serve Bedford-Stuyvesant and its neighbors.

Bed-Stuy Fresh and Local

Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger

Brooklyn Rescue Mission / Bed-Stuy Farm

Hattie Carthan Garden & Market